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April 19th 2024


You can now easily swap out one resource for another in the Project Planner - without affecting the planned hours or duration.

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April 11th 2024


You now choose to include:

  • Actual Expenses

  • Actual Profit

  • Actual Profit Margin

In the monthly values in the Financial Forecast screen

These values can be aggregated across projects, project managers, teams, offices or clients, buy turning on Row Grouping:

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March 25th 2024


Optionally add groups to your freeform checks.

This allows you to create groups of checks within a single (long) freeform - with the ability to search and filter the freeform to drill down into the checks for just one group.

For example, you can setup a freeform for a series of tasks that are repeated for each project stage. Then use the group filter to quickly view the task completion status for just the current project stage.

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March 20th 2024


Previously Fresh Projects only supported the voiding of entire invoices. Now we have released a new Credit Note feature that allows you to generate either full or partial credit notes.

The new credit note functionality includes:

  • adjust credit amount per sub-project

  • adjust tax amounts

  • allocate income reversal to a specific month (can be different to the invoice month)

  • support for pdf format

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March 3rd 2024


Add a column for the Fee, Current Progress % (and last updated time) and the subsequent WIP values to your Financial Forecast.

You can even update the progress (which will re-calculate the WIP in real time) directly from the Financial Forecast:

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